PVC Electrical Insulating Tape

The Best PVC Electrical Insulating Tapes

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

PVC Electrical Insulation Tapes are simply one type of electrical tape (or insulating tape) and it is a type of pressure-sensitive tape that is used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity.

Pressure-sensitive tape is also known in many countries as adhesive tape, self-stick tape, PSA tape or just simply tape. It has adhesive on either one side or both sided (double side tapes) that will stick when we apply a pressure on the tape, without applying any solvent (such as water or glue) or heat to activate the adhesive. This type of tapes can be used in our homes, offices or any place for a wide variety of purposes. This tape consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive which has been coated onto a backing material such as plastic film, cloth, paper or even metal foil.

PVC electrical insulating tapes can be made of various types of plastics, but vinyl is the most popular backing material to be used in insulating tapes as vinyl is very elastic and stretches well and it gives an effective and long lasting insulation.

Electrical tape for class H insulation is made of fiberglass cloth instead of the other more common types of backing materials and those electical tapes of higher classes are also made with more heat resistant backing materials like teflon, or polyimide enamel or polyimide films like Kapton and Alconex GOLD.

Color Coding of Electrical or Insulating Tapes.
Due to the many different types of application, there are many different types of electical types in the market today, with some kinds of insulating tapes meant for highly specialized purposes. Normally electricians generally use only black tape for the insulation purposes. The other colors are used to indicate the voltage level and phrase of the wire. As a matter of fact, the colored tape is placed as “phasing tape”. This is normally done on large wires which are available only in black insulation. When such wires are phased, a ring of tape is placed on each each near the termination so that the purpose of the wire is obvious.

Tape color Usage (U.S.) Usage (U.K.) Usage (International – new)
Black Insulation
Low voltage, phase A
Low voltage, neutral
Low voltage, phase B
Red Low voltage, phase B Low voltage, phase A Sheath, 415 V 3 phase
Blue Low voltage, phase C Low voltage, phase C Low voltage, neutral
Sheath, 230 V
Brown High voltage, phase A Low voltage, phase A
Orange High voltage, phase B Sheath, garden tools
Yellow High voltage, phase C Low voltage, phase B Sheath, 110 V site wiring
Green Earth ground Earth
Green with yellow stripe Isolated ground Earth
White Low voltage, neutral
Grey High voltage, neutral Low voltage, phase C


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